ContraPest Is The Game Changer


ContraPest is a professional-grade reproductive inhibitor and contraceptive for rats. Submit this form to ask about bulk options for pest management pros, farms, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, local governments, and other businesses. Or, call 1-844-267-7832 to speak with someone right away.

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ContraPest® is registered federally as a General Use Product but requires an RUP license if being deployed in: Connecticut. Due to conditional registration status in California, the product is not allowed to be used in public schools or childcare facilities within the state of California at this time.

ContraPest® is a registered trademark of SenesTech, Inc. Elevate Bait System™, Rat Birth Control™, Safe Rat Sex™, Elevate Bait System™, Elevate Bait Station™, and ContraPest Elevate Bait™ are trademarks of SenesTech, Inc. ContraPest is intended for professional use only. Read and follow all label instructions for target species Norway and roof rats.

ContraPest 400mL tanks and trays are designed to fit the **PROTECTA EVO Express® bait station. PROTECTA EVO Express is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories, Inc. and SenesTech is not related or affiliated with Bell Laboratories, Inc.

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